Here we post the articles about the workshop that have been published in different information and counter-information media.
We will update it little by little.

1. BTV, Infonit, the character of the day. 6/03/2008
[youtube 8WTyCQVX7T0]

2. TV3. Program Workshops.doc. Title: A man's gaze. 15/02/2008
Part 1: [youtube 9WEWd79aBvc]
Part 2: [youtube QmyhJuStENg]

Part 3 (this is where the workshop appears)
[youtube SputTJAoQvc]

3.Direct Weekly. November 2007
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4. Newspaper: The country. 21/01/2007. The prodigy of 9 barris Text: Manuel Rivas. Photo: Navia
Text extracted from the article: The prodigy of 9 Barris
The young people of the area occupied an abandoned lot and the bike workshop was born there, where hundreds of them meet every Saturday to exchange pieces and ideas.

Link article

Link to photo gallery of El País[S]/prodigio/Nou/Barris/3306-1/elpgal

5. The Vanguard. 14/3/2006. An unusual and squatted bicycle workshop.
Josep Mª Huertas Claverias
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6. Magazine of the Popular Athenaeum of 9 Barris. December 2007. The Bike Workshop is celebrating its birthday.
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7. Newspaper Notebooks. In Roquetes we do education. Roquetes community plan. December 2007
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8. Diary That. A bicycle workshop and a vegetable garden fight against speculation in Roquetes. 16/12/2005
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9. Diary 20 minute. Workshop Bikes. 16/12/2005
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10. Fortnightly magazine for the occupation. May of 2007
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11. Article a Diagonal. Biciosxs: nine years pedaling in Nou Barris. 09/12/14
Article link

12. Article in the Directa. Biciosxs workshop, nine years in Nou Barris. December of 2014
Article link:

12. Article in the Directa. Pedaling without riding the market wheel. May of 2022
Article link:

Pedaling without riding the market wheel

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