The workshop

We are vecinxs of the neighborhood and other beautiful places, lovers of bicycles, that spend time organizing self-healing workshop bikes and other mills.

The workshop operates self-Bike, recycling and barter. No money is involved. To date they have used a lot of cyclists and kids in the neighborhood who occupy the afternoon primping bike. We consider the bicycle as an alternative to the consumer society where the car and the asphalt is imposed.

Workshop schedule Bicis:
Friday from 18:00h*
Calle de la Thyme 24, Vallcarca

So you know if you have an old bike on the balcony you want to fix or learn how to repair bikes, this is your space. We have spare parts, tools and answers to your questions mechanical. The only condition: you you the fix.

Is a project open to more ideas! Head over and talk to nosotrxs!

Patio del Taller de Bicis


* The workshop is open every Friday if not otherwise indicated in If you think your bike requires a lot of work, try to come as soon as possible.

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