Bike is self-management – DIY conference at CSO Nabat3

This Saturday 6 of May the CSO Nabat 3 will experience a bi-festival day? with many activities!

El CSO Nabat 3 it is an immense space with a communal garden, concert hall and a ship where you can park your bike.
place: Rodés Street 60, Hospitalet de Llobregat (Map)

11h a 21h
Expo self-managed bicycle workshops (photos of Can Videplat, phrenopathic, crotch, Biciosxs 9 Barris i VKK, Nabike, Popcorn and others).
Screenings of the self-managed workshops, car-destructive, ecotopia, DIY, etc.
Tattoo Flash: Various artists confirmed.
CA Celestina Alessio
Market and bicycle stalls:
Akelarre Macrame
Jote Negro
Chaos total destruction
… more people we are leaving, excuse me!

12h Workshops and screen printing
We will teach you how to make bracelets and earrings, double belts and bow ties with recycled parts (Free).
You will be able to print drawings related to self-management, the bike, anarchism, the social struggle, etc.

12h Vermut musical i tapes

14h Vegan lunch
Will come Migrant Canteen to have a delicious lunch and dinner. For lunch plate and for dinner empanadas and falafel.
We support worthwhile projects ??

16h Talk
Maps and free software to plan your route

17h Alleycat
Registrations on the same day! You will decide which is the best route and you will have to pass several tests
There will be prizes!

17h Bicijocs
We have kangaroo bikes, tall-bikes, snakes, the one that turns backwards..

19h Medieval fairs
Eliminators with spears and bike monsters!

21h Vegan dinner
Migrant Canteen

22h Concerts Punk
No Witnesses
Turbo Installment
Punk i Apart
(aid voucher of €3).

3h Bicycle raffle + DJ Walaâ Selectah
Our friend from Florida will come with an urban-punk dj session!

El CSO Nabat 3 is in the process of eviction initiated by the City Council of l'Hospitalet (PSC).
We support occupied and self-managed spaces

Rude attitudes will not be accepted.

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Biciosxs (Telegram)