We do not give away bikes

A few weeks ago a donation of 14 broken bikes arrived. The message was spread and, in a crazy snowball effect, an instagrammer with 50.000 followers ended up publishing that on Farigola street 24 Fridays at 17 bicycles were given away for free.

The effect was immediate: the following Friday, more than 100 people (we were used to 5 on average). CHAOS.

The situation was more or less solved, but since then a lot of people have kept coming hoping to find a perfect free bike ready to go.

We just wanted to clarify that the main function of the workshop is for people to come with their broken bike, fix it and go rolling home and if you want to take a bike from scratch, that will take many hours to fix (surely 2 or 3 whole fridays) and that as an exchange we always need bike pieces, tools or some time ordering or cleaning.

Bicycle and anarchy!