World Cycling to Barcelona

He Barcelona Cyclonudist Collective brings us this year’s World Cyclonudist!!!

The next one 13 of June, Saturday at 5 p.m.. in the square University of Barcelona, from there you will go around the city until you reach the beach near the Forum. Bring your own snack, and whatever you think is convenient. No swimsuit needed!

Decorate your bike and your body with the most appropriate colors and slogans for the purpose. Solx, with the gang and the family to form an intergalactic cycling mass because all over the world we manifest.

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Justice in the streets, this is what we ask for with firm conviction and a lot of due, but at the same time with sympathy, having a good time. Cars impose their law on us: speed, prepotència, “bad smoke” i violència. That is why, by cycling around the city every day, we turn our mobility into an act of daily disobedience. . If more, we demonstrate on bicycles and naked, turning disobedience into an exemplary protest.

We denounce that our streets have been hijacked by the private car that is collapsing the city, degenerating it into a hostile and dangerous place. The car kills and his impunity shocks us. Too many interests of bellicose oil and automobile multinationals are threatened if this is questioned. And we are the cyclists who are questioned every day for the lack of coexistence in our streets dominated by private motor vehicles. There is an urgent need to pacify transit.

We propose a city model where people recover their space, where travel needs are reduced, where above all the pedestrian is respected (that everyone is) and where mobility is based on public transport, the least polluting and effective. In this model, cyclists should not be confronted with pedestrians in the use of public space,the bike can coexist with wheeled traffic without being forced into the circulatory ghettos that are the bike lanes.

Why by bike? The bicycle is an efficient means of urban transport, healthy, eco-friendly and fun. You are an icon, a symbol of freedom and a practical instrument of social transformation. Does not pay taxes, does not consume oil, it does not collaborate with destructive growth or global war.

Why naked? Because we feel naked in the face of traffic, due to the disrespect of the drivers and the lack of interest of the rulers. With our nakedness we make visible the fragility of ours “bodywork” (our own body). We also show our body naturally, breaking the stench, subverting taboos about our physique imposed by the fashion and greed of the transnational textile industry. Definitely, we face urban traffic with the naked body on the bicycle as the best way to defend our dignity and live the social struggle.

Free your mind and body!
Enjoy a unique walk through the center of your city!
Up the metropolitan Indians!
Take off your clothes and live on the bike!
No cars and no smoke!
Long live the Ciclonudist Collectives!
Justice in the streets!